These images above are stills, made from my 3D Matterport scans. Incredibly accurate and professional blueprints are also available to order after your scan is complete. You can experience the interactive experiences by scrolling down and choosing a video below. If viewing on a mobile device, turn your phone to a wider view. All 3D videos can also be viewed in fullscreen mode!

Real-Estate Sales & Rental

As a real estate agent you know better than anyone that efficient planning of viewings is crucial for your company. By having properties scanned, photos, 3D walk-throughs and 360 degree images can give an incredible first impression feeling of a home or office. Property seekers get the experience as if they are actually in this home. Thanks to the perfect presentation and the highly accurate 3D rendering, the recordings are even more complete and interactive, so that visitors can determine their own lifelike route through the relevant building.

Car Showroom

In the virtual 3D tour, website visitors can view your cars from the inside as if they were actually in your showroom. A unique online experience that gives searching and finding a car a completely different dimension. With a 3D tour, visitors can choose their own route, walk around the car and even take a seat behind the wheel. You can’t get much closer to reality online. Your showroom can be visited 365 days a year via a smartphone, tablet or PC. Through an interactive link in your virtual tour and the booking form, your customer can make an appointment for a test drive, ensuring better sales potential.

Restaurants & Catering

Give your guests a special experience of your hotel, restaurant or cafe. Do you stand out from the competition? This online experience is so realistic that all your guests are convinced about your catering business before they have actually been there. This is THE way to present your catering business online! One of the advantages is that it allows you to generate more bookings, faster. Through this online experience, your catering business is open 24/7 anywhere in the world. With Matterport, you are able to manage expectations and start your customer’s “holiday feeling” online.

Commercial Real Estate

Present your commercial real estate in a unique way. A 3D tour is THE way to distinguish yourself for seeking new tenants or buyers of commercial real estate. A virtual tour also saves time. Viewings will be much more concrete because the business premises have already been viewed by potential buyers or tenants through your website. Imagine the time this saves you as an agent! The digital 3D tour also enables you to not only view real estate from any location, but also to measure it, order blueprints and make notes for any planned renovation project.

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